Arı Terazisi

End-to-end perfect solutions for remote monitoring and control of beehives

What is Arı Terazisi?

Arı Terazisi, allows you to instantly access information about your hive, such as humidity, weight and temperature, from your phone or computer.

Arı Terazisi; It is a smart scale with high sensitivity, which is placed under beehives, capable of measuring the data such as temperature, humidity and weight of the environment, and can transmit these measured data to its user via SMS or internet.

Arı Terazisi; It periodically sends data such as temperature, weight, humidity to our servers and this data is processed to create a honey map. You can access this data or your honey map whenever you want and make decisions in the light of this information.

Arı Terazisi; It works with battery and GSM line, and informs the user about its own maintenance by sending the battery level and GSM signal level to the user. Thus, it also has the feature of self-recovery in case of deactivation.

Also Arı Terazisi; In case of sudden weight loss, it informs you in time with an SMS alarm and warns you against the dangers of theft or natural disasters.

What does it give us?

With Arı Terazisi, you will double your income, increase your systematic and planned work, and get rid of the damages of intruders!

Our Honey Production Will Increase Considerably

We are the country with the most bee colonies in the world. But we are one of the countries behind in honey production per colony. This is due to the inability of migrant beekeepers to follow seasonal changes. Thanks to Arı Terazisi, we can export honey by following seasonal movements, increasing our honey production and doubling our overall honey production.

Systematic and Planned Work

With Arı Terazisi, data such as humidity, temperature and hive weight can be followed with a mobile phone without going to the area where the hives are planned to be placed. We leave a scale with a beehive 15 days in advance at the place where we plan to place our bees. Then we start to follow the weight, humidity and temperature data with our mobile phone. When the weight and temperature start to increase, we move our other hives to that area.

Theft and Wild Animal Alarm

Arı Terazisi is in connection with the surrounding beehives. In an unexpected weight loss, a signal goes to the Arı Terazisi from the weight sensors placed under the beehives around the bee scale. Arı Terazisi, on the other hand, instantly notifies the user of this signal via SMS. In this way, it saves beekeepers a significant amount of time in order to save them from great harm.

Why Should It Be Preferred?

If you are wondering why I should use Arı Terazisi, we have compiled many reasons for you below.

Your Data is Recorded

Your environment data such as weight, temperature and humidity of your beehives will be automatically recorded and you will be able to access all data and reports whenever you want.

Your Winnings Will Be Double

Your region's honey map and honey season data will be at hand, and in the light of these data, you will not miss the honey seasons and you will be able to produce much more honey.

Emergency Alarm

When sudden weight loss occurs, Arı Terazisi will warn you with SMS or notifications, thus allowing you to instantly detect situations that may cause great harm to you, such as theft and wild animal attacks.

Honey Map of Turkey

All Data from all Arı Terazisi users are collected on our servers and processed to create a honey map of our country. In this way, it is aimed to prevent honey losses in our country. You can contribute to this by using Arı Terazisi.

Your Hive in Your Pocket

Thanks to the Arı Terazisi, you will be able to monitor the weight, temperature and humidity data at any time as if you are carrying your beehive in your pocket and make plans accordingly. You will be able to remotely control your hive without leaving your home.

Unlimited Access and Reporting

You can access Arı Terazisi data from any platform you want. You can receive reports based on region, time and hive, thanks to these reports, you can choose the best places for your bees at the best time. Furthermore, you can increase your honey production many times by moving in a conscious and programmed way.