Turkey's Most Advanced Social Screen

What is BeeTv?

BeeTV is a social media-based, interactive TV channel specific to your business.

So, what does BeeTV do?

BeeTV makes them feel special by publishing an automatic welcome message with their name and profile photo for your visitors who are a check-in at your business via Swarm.

Not finished!

With the BeeTV management panel, you can create your own broadcast stream and broadcast content such as product promotions, announcements and special day celebrations in the form of pictures or videos. You can also earn additional income by receiving advertisements from other businesses and posting them on your channel.

You can also customize BeeTV as you wish. How Does?

You can organize events such as check-in, riddle and selfie contests. You can increase the shares about your business by publishing your hashtags on BeeTV screens. Furthermore, you can increase your popularity in social media while giving your visitors more enjoyable moments by selecting and publishing the shares you like from the BeeTV management panel.

BeeTV will increase your sales too!

Blast your business by posting instant discounts and deals on BeeTV screens. Increase the satisfaction of your customers while activating your stagnant order hours.

While you use all these features freely, don't worry about inappropriate content, your channel is safe with advanced BeeTV protection.

What does it give us?

It increases the popularity of your business on social media.


Thanks to BeeTV, Turkey's most advanced social screen, you can have a private TV channel for your business.

You increase the number of customers by increasing your awareness in the internet environment.

You will increase the loyalty of your customers to you with the competitions and events you will organize.

You establish an interactive network among visitors.

It helps your business to advertise itself.

You earn additional income by receiving advertisements from other businesses to your BeeTV channel.

You maximize the prestige of your business.

You add institutionalism to the identity of your business.

Organic Advertising

You become the most popular business on social media.

You can take your place in the hearts of your customers by broadcasting a welcome message on your TV with a specially designed screen for your customers who are a check-in through Swarm in your business.

You can publish #hashtags on your TV and allow your visitors to share about your business on social media.

You can spend more social time with your visitors by choosing the posts you like and broadcasting them on your TV.

You enable your customers to participate by organizing check-in contests and broadcasting them on your TV.

Conquer the hearts with special prizes and eventually become a check-in record-breaking business.


Full Control

It provides easy use from PC, tablet, phone.


You can create your broadcast stream as you want from the functional and easy-to-use management panel.

You can create your own advertisement and publish the promotional images of your products unlimitedly.

You can publish special day celebrations with your special videos and images.

You can instantly welcome your customers with your private message without waiting for your customers to check in via the management panel.

You can see the peak hours of your business graphically.

You can follow the density ratios according to the weekly days from the graphs created from real data.