It is the software that gathers all office solutions under one roof with a modular structure.

What is MOS?

It is office software with many modules you need.

Raw Material Productization Tracking Module

It prevents the waste of raw materials by monitoring and optimization calculations at every stage of the process from the initial state of the raw materials to the transformation into a product.

Customer-Supplier Tracking Module

It records and follows up customer-supplier contact information, current account statements, orders and sales, meeting-appointment notes. By analyzing customer-supplier behaviors, it determines reliability and guides the user organization.

Product Tracking Module

It monitors all products produced or imported in our country from the production line to the place where they are sold and used. It detects periodically consumed and unconsumed products and sends smart notifications in advance to prevent problems such as exhaustion and retention.

Personnel Task and Performance Management Module

It records and monitors the duties and functioning of the institution personnel, transforms the obtained data into a performance report, and shows notifications about the personnel whose performance has decreased or increased.

Order-Sales Tracking Module

It highly automates the tracking of order taking, processing, routing, financialization and offers new pricing and sales strategies to increase sales.

Location Tracking Module

It records the data by tracking the location of the people in contact such as personnel, customers, suppliers or vehicles related to the institution; It is used for the detection and detection of losses, performance and reporting. In addition, the system sends warning notifications to the relevant people in case the tracked asset goes off the route.

Finance Management Module

It keeps records of income-expenditure statements, periodically draws financial reports, manages cash-bank-cheques and promissory notes, detects imbalances and suspicious movements and makes notifications, and effectively monitors debt-credit.

Voicemail-Questionnaire Module

It creates a communication channel to measure and increase the sales performance and customer satisfaction of institutions.

E-Commerce Module

It is a module that aims to sell products or services online and works integrated with other modules. By analyzing the shopping habits of its customers, it increases sales by showing customer-specific showcases.

Document Management Module

It ensures that documents such as recording incoming and outgoing documents to the institution, directing them to the relevant departments and following the workflow, sending them for approval and following the sending processes in the virtual environment are monitored until they complete their life cycle, and it aims to prevent errors and loss of time by showing warnings in unexpected situations.

What Does It Gain?

It provides high data storage security and low cost advantage.

It offers access regardless of device and location.

It eliminates costly and mandatory services that are often problematic, such as installation, technical support, troubleshooting.

Thanks to its self-sustaining life cycle, it significantly reduces the cost of use.

With its new generation interface designs, it makes it easier to use and saves the cost of expert users.

With its new generation interface designs, it makes it easier to use and saves the cost of expert users.

Thanks to the fully integrated operation of the modules with each other; Thanks to the fully integrated operation of the modules with each other; The entire system updates itself sequentially and completes its own processes without the need for any outside intervention.

By processing all the data in the database in the background, the user sheds light on the future of the organization and makes smart notifications to increase revenue and performance.

It provides important data about the past and future of the institution with its effective, parametric, user-free, simple and understandable graphical reporting options.

It has the features of increasing communication channels with customers and advertising.